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You built your career doing what you love.

The next step is building your financial future.

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You made the Leap.

You turned your passion into a career. Now it’s time to build a secure financial future for you and the people you love.

Take the next step toward financial security with Freelance Financial Planning.

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Ben Henry-Moreland, CFP®
Founder of Freelance Financial Planning

A freelancer’s perspective.

Before I was a financial planner, I was a professional opera singer. I use that experience to help freelancers, contractors, and business owners achieve their own financial goals, including:

  • Managing cash flow
  • Paying off debt
  • Building an emergency fund
  • Controlling healthcare costs
  • Choosing insurance coverage
  • Tax planning
  • Saving for retirement and other goals

With a knowledgeable partner to help you get organized, make a plan, and stay on target, you can take the next step toward securing your financial future and spend more time doing what’s meaningful to you.

Why sacrifice financial security to do what you love? Contact me today to learn more.


Whether you need a financial tune-up or a full-blown overhaul, Freelance Financial Planning can offer a solution that works for you. Contact me to set up a free consultation.

Services are fully virtual and available to clients throughout the United States.

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Financial Planning

Bringing the pieces of your financial life into harmony

Ongoing Planning


Your plan is built to make sure that all the moving parts of your financial life are working together to help you make progress toward your goals.


The initial plan is just the start. We’ll check in at important times throughout the year like open enrollment and tax filing season and meet annually to review your progress and ensure your plan is still working for you.


Have a question about your plan? Thinking about making a change? Just need some encouragement? Call or email anytime. You’ll also have 24/7 access to your full financial picture via our online client dashboard.

One-Time Plan

For DIY-ers

A good financial plan should be simple enough that anyone can manage it. No matter your level of financial expertise, we’ll build a strategy that you can take and run with on your own.

Better than YouTube

Tired of one-size-fits-all advice? We’ll dive into the details of your financial life to create a plan that’s unique to you, then create a clear set of steps for you to put it into action.


Want to check in occasionally to refresh your plan or monitor your progress? No problem. We’ll keep your information securely on hand so we can pick up where we left off.

Single Session

One and done

Need some advice but don’t need a full plan? Schedule 90 minutes to talk about whatever you want and leave with a better understanding of what to do next.


It’s best to concentrate on one or two topics to get the most out of our time. If there’s more to cover, you can always schedule another session or set up a project plan.


There’s no obligation to sign up for any other services (Though we’re always happy to talk about them!)


Ongoing Planning $175-275 per month
One-Time Plan $200 per hour
Single Session $300 per 90-minute session
Investment Management house icon

Investment Management

Putting your money to work for your unique goals



Even a simple portfolio takes time to implement, manage, and monitor. We do the day-to-day work for you, letting you focus on what’s important to you.


An investment strategy is only as good as your ability to stick with it. Our rules-based approach takes the emotion and guesswork out of investing your hard-earned savings.


We manage your portfolio with taxes in mind, taking advantage of tax savings opportunities to let you keep more of what you earn.


Annual percentage of assets managed:

0.35% Our management fee
0.15% Betterment platform fee
0.5% “All-in” fee
Project Plan calendar icon


Full-service planning, preparation, and filing



Take advantage of our years of experience and expertise in tax matters like business income and deductions, self-employed retirement plan contributions, QBI deduction, health insurance premium tax credit, and more.

Plugged into your plan

We take a holistic view of tax management, considering the implications of tax decisions on all parts of your financial plan.

Paperless & painless

We use e-filing, fillable PDF tax organizers, and secure online document transfer to complete your return without you having to fire up the printer or get out the stamps.


Basic individual return $300
Self-employed return (includes one Schedule C/E/F) $450
Business and estate returns $750
Additional schedules C/E/F $100 each
Additional state returns $100 each
Additional complexity $150 per hour
Tax planning and review $150 per hour (Free for Ongoing Planning clients)


You start out with goals, questions, and a big pile of financial information to sort through. You walk away with a clear set of steps to make your goals reality. Here's how we'll work together to build a financial plan that's custom-made for you:


Freelance Financial Planning was founded on the idea that no one should have to sacrifice financial security to do what they love for a living.

Freelance Financial Planning founder Ben Henry-Moreland trained as an opera singer and performed professionally around the Midwest, New England, and Europe. He has worked in the financial services industry since 2012, serving with two Boston-based investment advisory firms before launching Freelance Financial Planning in 2017.

Ben earned his bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College and his certificate in financial planning from Boston University, and he holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. He now lives in Omaha, Nebraska, where in his downtime he enjoys gardening, trivia, and supporting the local opera company.


I write about all things freelance at Check out my latest posts:

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